First step

To create a new account on Teamdoo, click on the follow link – create account – and complete required fields. Once you are connected, you can start to create one or several teams for your projects and send invitations to your consortium.

To create a new team on Teamdoo, just click on « + add a new team » in the left menu. You can then start working with the platform and send invitations to your consortium.

To invite people to your team, login to the team of your choice in the left menu and click on the icon in the top menu. Then click on the « invite members » button on the new window.

Insert or copy/paste the email address of the person you wish to invite to your team. Press « Enter » key on your keyboard. Insert a new e-mail address in the same block and so on. If you wish, you can customize the invitation message that members will receive by e-mail!

People invited have a waiting status. If you want to resend an invitation e-mail to people who are not yet connected to your team, you can click on the « send again » button. As soon as the registration has been completed, the people will appear under your name on the top. Once it’s done, you can attribute to several people privileged status taht allows the persons of your choice to open modules within the team, create folders in the sharing module or delete documents.

Click on « my account » at the top right of your screen [1] to access the different parameters related to your account. Then click on the [change] link on the left below « password » [2] and make the change.